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Submitted by gotaug on

My Relax Science kit arrived yesterday. I have spent many hours since than and not been able to figure out a solution.

I am not able to log more than 10 minutes of data with the Memory Module and after about 10 minutes the wireless real-time data stops working. I've charged the unit three times for 90 minutes each but I can only use the sensor for a short period after each use.

I omit the Memory Module from the configuration, double check that I have the Sensor and Controller plugged in the right way, and push the "-" key for 2+ seconds each time before charging to make sure everything is correct. I am using a high quality 2 amp dedicated USB charger.

Please advise a solution.

Submitted by admin on

Apologize for a late response.
We have studied several customer feedback on battery issues, and would like to highlight that the Lithium button batteries do NOT have built-in protection circuits, unlike larger Lithium batteries. Even though each device (Controller and Sensor) has low battery protection function implemented, such protection will not start (there is current drain) unless the Sensor is separated from the Controller, and the batteries will be over-discharged within days. Lithium battery does have self discharge (5~10% per month) and is very vulnerable to over-discharge with permanent charge capacity loss. The user must regularly charge up, turn off, and separate out the Controller and the Sensor, whenever not in use, to keep the batteries in good condition. Upon receiving the kit, even a simple act of plugging the Sensor into the Controller will wake up both from low power shipping mode. If the charging up and ON/OFF control is not executed immediately, the batteries will be over-discharged within days. We also discovered a few cases that the batteries were already very low during shipping, rendering them more vulnerable.
Please see below links for proper instructions. The user may need to order new replacement kits if the batteries are degraded. For those cases where the kits are DOA (dead on arrival), we will replace those kits free of charge.
We apologize for any inconvenience the above battery problem may have caused, and thank you for your kind support.

Submitted by Dejna007 on

I have a problem with validating the pairing between sensor and controller, where can I seek some help?

Submitted by admin on

For TrueSense Exploration kit, the OPI Console has Advanced Configuration functions (lower left button) to check and configure various functions.
For ReLax kit, it's designed for single Controller and Sensor pairing, the pairing is done automatically at start of ReLax APP if the Controller and Sensor together are connected to PC using the USB port.
Please contact for private questions.
thank you.

Submitted by tkirke on

You say "The user must regularly charge up, turn off, and separate out the Controller and the Sensor, whenever not in use, to keep the batteries in good condition"
Please define "regularly" since it is very vague

Submitted by admin on

For long-term storage, please first charge up the Controller and Sensor immediately after each use, then turn OFF and separate Sensor and Controller as described in and
In low leakage OFF mode, the lithium battery self-discharge will still occur, so it is recommended to repeat charge up (and turn OFF) operation every 1 or 2 months.
If the kit is accidentally left in ON mode, the Sensor and Controller may discharge to low level within 24 hours, and need charge up (and turn OFF) operation within that time frame.
It is not necessary to run battery cycling program for regular charge up.
thank you.

Submitted by Ree on

The sensor suffered 8Hz noise and it's harmonics for TrueSense Exploration kit when RF is ON.
If turn RF off, the noise will become weaker when using for long term record.
Is any configure issue or setting in OPI console? Dose 8 Hz Noise come from 3D motion sensor ?

Submitted by admin on

the 8Hz noise is caused by RF packet rate (RF generates large current spikes) for Exploration kit.
You will see this noise above normal noise floor ONLY if the electrodes are in open circuit or having poor skin contacts, or temporarily out of range after a large spike, when opamp CMRR is compromised. 
You can use this noise (8Hz and harmonics) as reliable indicator for poor skin contacts.

Submitted by admin on   20140127
Please UPDATE to TSK Controller v.89 and ReLax Controller v.57 (20140127) with simplified On, Off and Shutdown button controls:
  1. Long press (>3 sec.) "+" button to turn ON,
  2. Long press (>3 sec.) "-" button to turn OFF, and
  3. Very long press (>6 sec.)  "-" button to SHUTDOWN Controller. (Wake-Up upon USB charging.)

The new Controller firmware should provide better battery protection and eliminate the accidental Controller firmware corruption problem (during low-battery power down sequence) encountered by some users.  We apologize for any inconvenience these may have affected you.

Submitted by drampsych on

The sensor module came in two parts whereas in all the pictures the small round yellow component is mounted on the sensor. How are these put together?

Submitted by admin on

Our programs (Qt based) use fixed size Arial fonts.
Various Mac OSX's handle fixed size fonts differently.
Other folks have noticed problems with other QT-based applications, like Perforce P4V after updating to Mac OS X 10.9.
This comment describes the issue they have with OPI Console and had with P4V before they fixed it:
This might alleviate the problem?
Thank you for your kind interest in our TrueSense product family. Our OP Source Codes are on Github. Please feel free to visit.